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The Meripac birdcare range comes in 3 categories:

Squirrel Solutions

Squirrel Solutions

Birdcare in your Garden

Birdcare in your Garden

Meripac was founded in 1989 and has always concentrated on making wild birdcare products in Great Britain from high quality injection-moulded plastic.

These were specifically designed to offer choices not available elsewhere and the concepts are protected by British Patents and Design Registrations.

Subsequently products made mainly from powder-coated steel have been produced in the Far East using Meripac's Patents and Designs.

The Meripac range uniquely offers four areas of choice.

  • Choice of food combinations - Many Meripac products accommodate seed, mealworms, fatballs and water, making them more attractive to birds.
  • Choice of location - Many Meripac products allow the bird lover to place them on a window, around a pole, near the ground or hanging, thereby falling in line with individual preferences and space limitations.
  • Choice of deterrence - Squirrels and larger birds such as pigeons can be a nuisance - please view the comprehensive Meripac range of protective products at: Squirrel Solutions.

The Meripac range is:

  • Modular - the various products co-ordinate and complement each other.
  • Mobile - compact, easy to store, lift and carry.
  • Maintenance-free - rot-proof and rust-proof or resistant.
  • Matchless - their unique qualities are protected by patents and design registrations.

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